Buxeros Capital is a public-private impact investment fund.  It was established by a group of well-known Dutch investors in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Cooperation.

We aim to invest in a strong combination of Dutch and local SME’s in Emerging Markets. Although social impact is an important requirement, we will review potential deals on economic and commercial viability. Our goal is to invest in sustainable businesses and business models that add value to both the Dutch Economy and the local economy. As such we will act not only as a (co-) investor, but also as a partner for entrepreneurs with the ambition to expand to Emerging Markets.

The management of Buxeros Capital includes private equity veterans with many years of experience conducting business in Emerging Markets and similarly qualified seasoned entrepreneurs. Together we are able to act on deals very quickly and subsequently support our portfolio companies with their activities in Emerging Markets. With our dedicated team with boots on the ground across the globe and strong partners in each region, we are well positioned for success in investing in Emerging Markets.

About Buceros Capital