Buxeros Capital provides funding (equity, loans) to SME’s who will invest in Emerging Markets. Our fund is a public-private partnership, with the aim to create social impact in a commercially viable setting.

We invest in companies with a capital need starting at € 100.000. To be considered, you must meet at least the following minimum conditions:

– Strong and experienced team
– Economically and commercially viable
– Adherence to OECD Guidelines and IFC Performance Standards.

Since the management of Buxeros Capital has relevant expertise in markets across the globe, we are able to provide hands-on experience and network access in addition to capital (equity and mezzanine loans). Our investments often give the necessary leverage to acquire additional (public and/or private) funding to scale a company’s activities.

Buxeros Capital aims at maximizing both financial and social impact, therefore, adherence to OECD Guidelines and IFC Performance Standards are important requirements.

How to Apply
Are you looking for funding to realize your ambition to expand to an Emerging Market? Send us your pitch and we will assess whether your proposal is eligible for funding via Buxeros Capital. Please include the following information:

– A business plan: short and concise (about 2 pages) clearly stating the business model, and its commercial and economic viability.
– An overview of the management team: who are the key players and what are their key qualifications? Why are you the best team for this company/investment?
– The investment proposal: what and how much of it do you need and what is the expected return?
– A short paragraph on the impact that the company/investment will make: for the company, for the investor, and on a local scale.

We prefer short, concise and clear plans to overly detailed elucidations. If we decide to take the next steps, we will request further details..

For more information contact Estelle Byrne or send your pitch directly to