The economy has slowed down partly as a result of depressed commodity prices. Labour markets have been hit with ramifications for equality and inclusion. With a poverty rate of almost 30% (175 million people) and a vulnerable middle class the region faces serious socio-economic threats. More than 163 million young people (age 15-29), a quarter of the regional population, find themselves at a crossroads of upside potential and risk.

In line with the OECD Latin American Economic Outlook 2017 Buxeros’ focus for the region is on youth, skills and entrepreneurship. Youth entrepreneurship is a fundamental driver for the region’s much needed growth. Linking young entrepreneurs to both capital and know-how will be mission critical in the years to come. Investing in youth’s skills is key for future growth and building a platform for economic prosperity.

Buxeros seeks to stimulate entrepreneurial aptitude by offering equity support to both innovative high growth as well as subsistence entrepreneurs.

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